Holding the General Assembly of the Union of physics scientific student associations at AUT

مسابقات کشوری طراحی سیستم های دیجیتال
اولین دوره مسابقات عکاسی هوافضا


The general assembly  and election of the union of physics scientific student associations was held on Monday  ۹th February 2015 at AUT with the presence of Dr.Mirzaee , social and cultural  general director and  experts from the ministry of science and scientific research and technology.

The meeting started at 9 AM with the recitation of the holy Quran and the national anthem of IRI.

At the beginning Ms.Abdollahi, the expert of scientific department of the ministry of science welcomed the attendance and gave a report about the functions of the Student Scientific Associations and after that Mr.Zamani the ex –director of the physics union gave a one- year report about the same subject as well.

 Next ,Dr.Mirzaee , social and cultural general director of  the ministry of science gave a speech. He thanked and welcomed the people who worked at the union last year and said: “Student Scientific Associations complete the official scientific groups in the university  . Association of Physics is one of the few associations that has managed to form a union and we hope that with the support of the Ministry of Science the activities of the union increase.

Next, the participants stated their problems in the field of physics association activities in the universities and Dr.Mirzaee answered them. Some of the issues raised by the students were: taking into consideration the necessary infrastructures for graduates of physics, considering student scientific associations in the upstream documentation, supporting scientific-student publications and etc.

Next ,Dr.Mirzaee suggested to the scientific-student association to use young teacher assistants in their association and if there are proposals to increase the capacity of existing forums , introduce  them to the ministry of Science. He added: Considering that one of the benefits of scientific societies is interacting with the student scientific association ,therefore, student associations can use this opportunity to attract collaboration with the  scientific associations of the country.

Next the registration of candidates for the secretary of the union, the central council and the inspectors was done and the candidates introduced themselves, their past activities and future plans

 At the end, after the vote, the central committee members and inspectors of  physics student scientific associations were presented as follows:
Central Council:

Mehrain Shahsavar

Rasoul Rajai

Ali Amidi

 Mohammad Madani Poor

Mohammad Reza Pajoohandeh

Mohammad Reza Shahmoradi

 Vida Khodabakhshi


 Amir Hossein Jafari azad


Farzin Shamaa

Shahrukh Mostaghimi

The ceremony finished at 16.


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