Grand celebration of honoring the best student scientific association of the 10th round

یازدهمین دوره انتخابات انجمن های علمی دانشجویی ویژه دانشکده های مهندسی پزشکی،مهندسی نساجی، مهندسی پلیمر و مهندسی دریا
اولین ایده بازار تخصصی مهندسی مواد و متالورژی

The Mechanics Engineering Student Association won the premier association trophy

 The grand celebration of honoring the best student scientific associations was held on Sunday, February 14, 2016 in Bahman amphitheater. This ceremony  is celebrated every year in order to identify  the best  student scientific association and their  practices and performance  in different areas.  

The participants first listened to the recitation of Quran and after that recite the national anthem of Iran. After that Ms.Nasrin Jamshidi welcomed the attendance and invited Mr.Muhammad -Ali Mirzaee the head of the Electrical  engineering student scientific associations. Mr. Mirzaee thanked the holders of the ceremony and gave a report about his activities and experiences in the 9th round.

After that a clip of the activities of student scientific association was aired.  After that Dr.Naderi  ;head of the General Office of Scientific Association and Olympiad Affairs  gave a speech  and the ceremony continued with the performance of  voice imitation.. At the end Dr. Sarraf Shirazi ;Deputy of Student and Cultural activities in the University gave a speech.

After the speech of the Deputy of Student and Cultural activities in the University,the ceremony of honoring  and giving awards  began with the presence of Dr. Sarraf (Deputy of Student and Cultural activities in the University), Dr.Broumand ; research deputy of the university ,Dr.Naderi  ;head of the General Office of Scientific Association and Olympiad Affairs and MrAlizadeh Deputy of the General Office of Scientific Association and Olympiad Affairs . At first the winner of the student competition “I” Mr. Sajad Moradi and Mohammad Sadeghi Zadeh University ;aerospace engineering students were  honored and 36 people of the active  members of the student scientific associations of the 10th round  were appreciated in order to increase motivation .

Next  Olympiad professors were  honored , then   awards were given  to the head and members of the University Robotics Team sos  who won first prize in the World RoboCup Rescue Simulation League Brazil in 2014 . Then Dr. M. Sabaee (Secretary of the Second National competition of ideas and intelligent coding tools) ,Dr. Mehdi Ebadzadeh (Arbitration Committee Secretary of the Second National competition of ideas and intelligent coding tools ),Dr.Omid Naghshine Arjmand (Holder of the 4th round of the solution and development national competitions and  ۲nd Simultaneous Mathematical Olympiad), Doctor Ali Farzad (The secretary of  the second metallurgical tournament), Mrs. Saida Gorgi ( Scientific Secretary of the National Championship of  matching  color )were honored .

Next the appreciation of the  best student head of the tenth round based on the reflection of scientific  association activities  and votes from its members was held . Mr. doctor Abbas Ahmadi, Director of Student and Cultural Department of Industrial Engineering, was  selected.

Next awards were given to AUT_NEMO supervisor and team members for attending the XV International tournament in New Zealand competing  with boards FPGA 2015 and  Rankings third among 18 teams  and  Surena Department of Chemical Engineering Supervisor and team members for participation in international tournaments Cem-E-Car (green cars)  in Australia and  placing third among the 16 participating teams and also of employees  who during the tenth scientific community continued  working with the administration and the scientific community to better organize programs,  and helped the administration and scientific associations.

The most important and most exciting part of the program was Identifying the selected community and worthy of appreciation in different areas and finally, the introduction of the premier forum. The selected forum in each area were honored by appreciation statue and the selected association were honored with plaque.

 Area of Activity The best association   Second best association
Class/Course/Workshop Mechanics Medical
Scientific tours Marine Industrial
Idea innovation Polymer and color Constructions
Holding seminars and conference Computer Electrical
Participation in competitions Computer Chemical
Holding competitions Computer Aerospace
Publication Mechanics Aerospace
Cooperation in the office activities Chemical Marine
Holding and participation in Exhibitions Polymer Mechanics
Web Textile Computer – Marine
Olympiad  Electrical Computer
Holding Brunch Industrial Polymer and color

Association of Mechanical  Engineering with 9829.6 points was recognized as the 10th round’s best association and was able to hold the best association appreciation statue for a year.

Computer engineering  won the second place with 7755.6  points, Scientific Society of industrial  Engineering won the third place with 6892.5  points , Institute of aerospace  Engineering won the fourth place with 6551.4  points And the polymer and color  Engineering Society was fifth with 5910.4 points

At the end of the celebration ,the efforts of all members of the Student Scientific Forum of the 109th round were honored with a memorial plaque .


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