Idea Bazar: An unprecedented event in Amirkabir University of technology

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حضور افتخارآمیز انجمن های علمی دانشجویی دانشگاه صنعتی امیرکبیر در هفتمین جشنواره ملی حرکت

The second Idea Bazar  took place on Saturday 18nd of October 2014 by the General Office of Scientific Association and Olympiad Affairs in the amphitheater of Amirkabir University of technology. The purpose of this event was the enhancement of ability and the spirit of entrepreneurship   and idea making as well as effective connection between the students and the industry managers and investors. Amirkabir University of technology hosted 300 people who were enthusiastic about idea pitching and entrepreneurship.

In this event from amongst 203 idea submissions to the General Office of Scientific Association and Olympiad Affairs of Amirkabir University of Technology 7 ideas in oral presentations and 12 poster presentations were selected. Each of the 7 idea pitchers chosen for oral presentations had the opportunity to present their idea in 6 minutes. At the end the three top ideas were introduced by the judges.

The idea

The idea pitcher


Mechanical floor sweeper

 Amin Arab Moghaddam

The first idea

National Game Design

Behrooz  Arab Zadeh

The second idea

 The Mouse glove

  Farhad  Safar Gholi

The third idea

The Question  of the Second Event  of idea Bazaar:

“What is your idea to start a profitable and stable business, with these conditions?

• Maximum return of investment is in at least 2 years.

• In the third year it makes 50 million Tomans net profit for the investors.

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