The Appreciation Ceremony of Amirkabir University of Technology’s Participating Students in the Science Olympiad

حضور المجالس العلمیه للطلبه لجامعه امیر کبیر فی مهرجان الحرکه الوطنیه الثامن
یازدهمین دوره انتخابات انجمن های علمی دانشجویی

The meeting  took place on Wednesday 28th  October  in the presence of  head of the presidency office of the university and the consaltant of the university president  ; Dr. Razfar and faculty Olympiad officials, DR Soroush ; the educational assistant of the university  Ms.Saiyedna ; Head of Talented Students office ,Dr.Naderi  ;head of the General Office of Scientific Association and Olympiad Affairs and a group of student  who won in the  ۲۰th  round of  Student  Olympiad.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Naderi offered a detailed report of the activities and programs  of General Office of Scientific Associations.

Next in this meeting , Olympiad winners and university officials who were present at the meeting had a friendly chat and while appreciating the efforts and support of the faculty and General Office of Scientific Association and Olympiad Affairs they talked about the present  difficulties, obstacles and shortcomings .

Then Dr.Soroush carefully and patiently responded to all the problems, defects and questions of students and offered solutions to them.

At the end of the ceremony the Olympiad students and the officials of the Olympiad   received valuable awards .

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