The remarkable presence of scientific student associations of Amirkabir University of Technology in the Seventh National Fair of Harakat (Movement)

سوق الأفکار؛ حدث غیر مسبوق فی جامعه امیرکبیر الصناعیه
چهاردهمین دوره مسابقات بین المللی برنامه نویسی دانشجویی ACM امیرکبیر


The largest national annual gathering of scientific student associations

The university festival of Harakat was held in Shiraz University with the purpose of documenting the scientific works and products, managing the knowledge and information resources made by the Student Scientific Associations and introducing and appreciating the top ranked Student Scientific Associations and evaluating them. Many students and professors and the heads of the university attended this festival.

The National  festival of Harakat (movement) is held annually with the active presence of the student scientific associations allover the country

In this festival, the Student Scientific Associations of Amirkabir University of Technology presented their accomplishments to the public in three days of 20th  until 22nd of October  in the fields of research, entrepreneurship, writing and translating books, student scientific publications, student scientific competitions, invention, and innovation, education and promoting activities in the Shiraz university.

Closing Ceremony of the Seventh National Festival  of Harakat was held on Wednesday morning  ۲۲nd of October in  Fajr theater in  Shiraz University with the attendance of the university officials ,deputies and cultural officials  of the universities and the members of the scientific student associations.

Amirkabir University of Technology won the following titles : premier scientific association  title in the field of innovation(Making methanol fuel cell without using platinum by Milad Rezaeei from the Materials and Metallurgy scientific student association ), the premier scientific association title in the field of Scientific and technological Contest (National Championship of generation of ideas and Android Programmer “Iran Mobi Code 2014” from Computer Engineering and Information Technology scientific student association ), And Top expert (Mr.Alizadeh ,Deputy of the General Office of Scientific Association and Olympiad Affairs).

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