The third major tournament of water rockets was held at the Hormozgan Province

ششمین دوره مسابقات ملی هوافضا در دانشگاه صنعتی امیرکبیر برگزار شد
چهارمین دوره مسابقه ریاضی طرح وحل توسط انجمن علمی دانشجویی دانشکده ریاضی و علوم کامپیوتر برگزار شد

These competitions were held on 4th of May 2014 by the Scientific Association of the Marine Engineering faculty in Amirkabir University Branch in Bandar Abbas.

Water rocket is an upside down plastic soda bottle and fins and nosecone are attached to it. The task of the nose cone is creating aerodynamic state for the rocket and minimizing air resistance. In the rockets that use parachutes for landing, the parachute is placed within this section. For direct flight of the rocket, fins are required. In order to fly, first a system should be built for the nozzle of the bottle that keeps water inside the bottle and after the rocket launch should allow water to exit from the tip of the bottle.

Executive secretary of this tournament of water rockets in  Hormozgan, Saeed Ghasemi  announced :This competition aims to get students to learn about space science, establish a scientific endeavor, to make science applicable  and to increase the spirit of creativity and innovation among students of  Hormozgan universities.

Ghasemi added the “408” team from Amirkabir University with launching a rockets to a  length of 191 meters and earning  ۹۸ points  scored first place, The team “Slipknot 2” with launching a rockets to a  length of 176.5 meters and earning  ۹۳ points  scored second place and the team “inter prise”from the Azad university of Bandar abbas with launching a rockets to a  length of 170 meters and earning  ۷۷ points  won the third place in these round of  tournaments of water rockets of Hormozgan.

He pointed out that the cost of participating in this course of the tournaments was 150 thousand Rials, and said:The first and second and third winning teams will be given 3miilon,2million,1million Rials respectively .

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